NHS Herts Valleys CCG

Brand Identity, web, annaul report and values graphics

Following the recent NHS restructuring from Primary Care Trusts to a service operating within Clinical Commissioning Groups and Customer Support Units, Red Echo was invited to design and implement a new Identity. The project included Logo, website, business forms, Annual Report, Information leaflets, 48 sheet hoardings, signage, signature panels and other touchpoints. The resulting image for Herts Valleys is approachable, modern and easy to implement.

The commission also included the design of a set of values icons and graphics to involve and support Herts Valleys staff in their quest to focus on what the service is and how it operates.

NHS Herts Valleys Brand image

NHS Herts Valleys website

NHS Herts Valleys Annual Report

NHS Herts Valleys Annual report spread

NHS Herts Valleys Annual report spread 2

NHS Herts Valleys Annual report spread 3

NHS Herts Valleys brand photography

NHS Herts Valleys brand icons

NHS Herts Valleys brand merchandise

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