St David's School

Brand Identity, literature, promotional material and photography

With beautiful surroundings and magnificent Victorian spired buildings, a lot of private schools have realised through competition that their school identity and marketing collateral is also from a past era. St David’s was one of them. Red Echo helped to realign their propostion - ‘old school values with a futuristic modern approach’ - and embarked on giving the school a more modern appeal through its prospectus, promotional leaflets and other collateral with a strong emphasis on the success of previous pupils who have gone on to achieve great and diverse things. Red Echo also provided the reportage style photography used in the literature for an approachable, friendly feel.

St David's School prospectus

St David's School Identity

St David's School spreads

St David's School prospectus spread

St David's School Brand photography

St David's School prospectus spreads

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