30 Signs and images that have shaped our world

To celebrate their 30thanniversary, Signbox wanted to do something that truly conveyed why they do what they do, while simultaneously giving something back to their customers. Signbox invited their customers to submit their favourite image or sign so we could collate a landmark book. The result is 30 images and signs – one for every year Signbox has been in existence –that have helped shape the world.
Red Echo was given the envious task of creating the book bringing into play a wealth of paper and metal textures, colours, print techniques aswell as cardboard engineering.

To encase the book Red echo also created a ‘Clamshell’ box to keep the book safe and give it a ‘treasured’ appeal. Nesting underneath the book snuggly were beautiful printed samples of the, graphics and imagery to showcase the capabilities and extensive finishes that Signbox had at their fingertips.


Box in bag


Open Clamshell




Open Book



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