From noon to night: an Architectural photoshoot for Signbox

New Scotland Yard, The Mille-Westway, and Vantage-Westway have recently looked to Signbox for state of the art interior and exterior signage programmes. As custodians of the Signbox brand image, Red Echo were commissioned to take a series of architectural shots to enable them to keep their marketing collateral up to date.

The sites in the west end and west London needed to be photographed both in daylight and at night in order to portray the effectiveness of the LED light illumination of the signage. The traffic light trails were a welcome prop on some of the shots.

Signbox recently won Interior Project of the year at the British Sign Awards. We also updated their website personnel and work environment photography.

Mille Nighttime

New Scotland Yard

Vantage, Westway

Vantage, Westway

The Mille, Westway

New Scotland Yard Exterior





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